Why can’t the money just be spent on the animals?

This might be a “humane” rant, but there is too much bologna going on not to mention. And I like my bologna and want to keep it in the food supply.

Opening my email this morning put me in a sour mood. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), is putting good money that they should be spending on helping animals, to sponsor the Genesis Awards. Stars like Ellen DeGeneres, Stephen Colbert, Gordon Ramsay, Ian Somerhalder, Colbie Caillat, Bill Maher and their respective shows will be awarded and recognized for highlighting animal protection issues.  The show, hosted by "Dancing with the Stars’" Carrie Ann Inaba, with help from Uggie, the canine star from the Oscar-winning film "The Artist," airs on Animal Planet this weekend.


HSUS hasn’t stopped at just putting mega $ towards the event, they also put money into making sure that all of you can have a glam gala. They have a party pack put together, a Facebook event and YouTube video – all to “glam it up on Hollywood’s most compassionate night"!” Gag. Think of all of the dollars that they could use to spend on animals themselves – because we all know that despite “humane society” in its name, HSUS isn’t affiliated with any community-based humane societies or other pet shelters. HSUS doesn’t run a single pet shelter, nor does it serve as a national headquarters for humane societies that serve cities, towns, counties or states. It gives less than half of 1% to hands-on pet shelters.

The scary thing to agriculture is – they are attacking it besides the puppy-mill-people. HSUS Nebraska has a coordinator that started a Nebraska Agriculture Council, and now HSUS in Colorado has followed suit. They put these councils together to try to “work” with agriculture – but we know how well that has worked out for agriculture, ah-hem, Ohio, Arizona, Florida…

imageThis issue of humane treatment for farm animals is not limited to the US. Last week, the World Society for the Protection of Animals handed nearly 110,000 signatures on its global petition to improve the treatment of farm animals to the Executive Coordinators of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. This group’s petition is hoping to put farm animal welfare on the agenda of the conference.

Their goal is to lobby five recommendations to the UN, national government delegates and the agricultural industry:

  1. Develop policies for sustainable food supplies
  2. Manage the unsustainable demand for farm animal products
  3. Support research and development of humane and sustainable agriculture
  4. Phase out subsidies and investments in unsustainable, inhumane systems
  5. Recognizes the importance of farm animal welfare to poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihoods

On the BEEF blog this week, I learned about a new children’s book, “Vegan Is Love” that targets children to push towards becoming vegan and to see their meat-eating friends as cold-blooded killers. Thankfully, the book review from MSN discourages parent to read this to their kids “…please don’t try to make our kids read Ruby Roth’s new book, ‘Vegan Is Love,’ a gorgeously illustrated but sinister children’s book that graphically depicts bleeding, slaughtered animals and describes their deaths as violent and sad.” But you can guess that HSUS is supportive of Roth’s agenda.

The bottom line is:  the best people to advocate for farm animals are farmers and ranchers.

They are the ones with them everyday – feeding, taking care of, nurturing – so that those animals will in turn take care of their own families. 98% of the farms and ranches in the U.S. are family owned and no one is better armored to stand-up for those animals than farmers and ranchers. And they do it everyday without having to go to Washington.


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