Why ag on the forefront?

Today I want to link up with a group of Nebraska bloggers and they are each sharing why they started blogging and the reason their blog name is significant to them.

There are many reasons I started this blog, but I decided to take a look back at my very first post. I want to be an advocate for agriculture. I have a somewhat unique ag background and career path. At least I think I do.

I was raised on a cow-calf ranch in Eastern Colorado – no crops except for some alfalfa for hay. And I didn’t really understand the whole crop thing. Why would you grow crops when having cows was so much fun!? I started to gather some knowledge of crops at a young age when we’d visit my grandparents in Eastern Kansas who are row-crop farmers. But for some reason, going to Grandma’s meant cooking, shopping and playing more than really learning about the farm. Really later on in college and now in to my career have I been asking Grandpa questions about his farm and grasping a better understanding of the family’s farming history.

My interest in a career in agriculture came from 4-H. I was a 12-year 4-Her and state officer and saw myself being involved in an ag career from early on. My original life plan was to be a teacher and an author. I could do both of these in ag! I then had an awesome opportunity to intern for Farm Credit in my hometown. I’ve always loved business/economics (I used to sell beef sticks to my classmates during our yearly testing – I had a pretty good business plan. Mom bought the beef sticks, I raided the pantry, sold the beef sticks for $0.50 and kept all the profits!).

That took me to my educational goals in agricultural economics. Some of my focus changed when I got to college at K-State. Being a girl who loves to write and wanting to be an author, I decided to include a public relations focus to my major – which I still credit as some of the most useful classes I took at K-State, but I can’t discredit my awesome Ag Econ professors! I loved ‘em so much I stuck around for an extra year and a half to earn my masters.

Being at college and having a fun social life with all of my ag friends introduced me to my wonderful hubby. Thank goodness he was an ag boy! An ag boy who was two years older and moved off to Nebraska for a job while I was still in school. Thankfully, things worked out and we got married, I found a job, defended my master’s thesis and moved to Nebraska all in one month’s time. My job working for Nebraska corn farmers has almost been more educational than college. I have grown so much (thanks to my awesome co-workers and board) and have really been able to expand my ag knowledge. DSCN0976

Seeing the importance in this new job of communicating ag issues inspired me to start ag on the forefront. The name literally popped into my head the moment I started thinking about this blog and it just stuck! I really enjoy blogging as I contribute to the Nebraska Corn Kernels blog, Nebraska Agribusiness Club blog, as well as my diy/family blog, a little birdie told me.

I hope to continue using my passion for writing, educating, answering questions about agriculture through this venue and thank God everyday for all that He has blessed me with!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! As an extra special welcome I invite you to get my medium sized ad space for FREE! Just use the code TGL to link-up! I cannot wait to find out more about you! 🙂

  2. Sorry I'm so slow at commenting on last weeks post! I'm so glad you have joined in on the fun!! I hope to see you again this week. This weeks theme is "your top 5 must visit blogs".

    Love your blog name! It's so fun getting to know you better!!!! Your blog name is very fitting!!!!

    Have a great week!

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