Who’s who in ag blogs…

I follow several blogs – ag and non-ag. But the cool thing is that I’m constantly finding new, great, amazing blogs from those working hard  in agriculture!

I want to share some of my favorite #agblogs, and if I missed your favorite, please share it with me. I want to include this in a series, so I’ll only include a few today, but never fear – more is to come!

Crystal-Cattle-Blog-3bCrystal.Cattle – Crystal was a friend at K-State, so of course I loved her before she blogged, but I love it even more now that she has a blog about agriculture; her fun, crazy life traveling all over the U.S. and Canada; and the best – Turquoise Thursdays!

commonsenseagCommon Sense Agriculture – A blog by Jeff Fowle, a fourth generation family farmer and rancher from Etna, California.  He and his family raise registered Angus cattle, Percheron draft horses, warmbloods, alfalfa and alfalfa-grass hay.  Their family run ranch has incorporated many environmentally beneficial and water efficient technologies and management strategies. What I like best about Jeff’s blog is the “common sense” view of ag issues. He tells it like it is, in black-n-white, to explain why farmers and ranchers are doing what they are doing! (Also, Jeff, I use your livestock nutrition information A LOT!)

farmwifeslifeA Farm Wife’s LifeI think I found Janet’s blog through a link on Twitter, but I’m so glad I did. She shares on her blog about farming with her husband in southeast Kansas and had some GREAT ag photos. Her posts are always a great read – about real life on the farm, often entertaining (the dog and the possum cracked me up!) and her recipes look delicious.

DSC01151AOrange Patch Dairy
– After Shannon worked as a dairy nutritionist for four year, she returned to the farm to run a dairy with her husband in Southern Minnesota. Shannon does a great job at sharing examples in common terms why they do what they do on their dairy, as well as some great video of the baby calves. Animal welfare is very important to them. She shares about important issues in the ag industry, as well as how she is educating others. Keep up the great work agvocating, Shannon!


I will post some more favorites later!

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