We started an orchard…

I’m learning more about a different form of agriculture – Arboriculture!

We started a small orchard on our property – five apple trees and five pear trees. The apple varieties are Fuji and Gala and the pear varieties are Luscious and Parker.

We had a great spot for them between two rows of pine trees. It’s on the north side of our house, but on a slight hill that gets a lot of sunlight and protection.


Ronny helped me dig holes using the skidsteer with auger (or “ogre” as Chisum calls it) to break up the ground and make a big enough hole. The trees I got were “bare root” trees, so they didn’t need a great big hole, but big enough for the roots to be spread out.


Thanks to help from Mom and Dad, we got all ten planted in a pretty timely fashion – and Chisum was a great water boy (except for when he thought it was funny to spray me with water).


The next day, we put pine needle straw around the trees to help keep weeds back. We’ll have to get the mower out soon to keep the grass down and plan to put an irrigation drip system in.

Good thing for guard dogs, too! I told Hank that he needs to keep bunnies and deer away. We’ll see how long he does his job.

One of the reasons I’m so excited for my fruit trees (besides the fresh fruit) is getting to freeze and can to have yummy fruit in the winter! Ronny’s aunt and uncle have a huge orchard and vineyard and she saved me about a gallon of grape juice from this last fall. So I just made a lot of grape jelly! Chisum wants to eat it by the spoonful. (Thanks, Aunt Sue!)
Ronny would like to have a few grapevines as well someday, so we saved a spot for them near the fruit trees. I also have some blueberry and blackberry bushes to plant and a strawberry patch to put in. I’m so ready for summer and time to work in my garden – but I hear more snow is coming so I’ll have to be patient.

2 thoughts on “We started an orchard…

  1. I am excited, Lori, but I'm going to be impatient until they actually start producing! And I know they don't last forever, which is a bummer, but I'm learning a lot. 🙂

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