We need a farm bill

FarmBillNowI am a food consumer and I am a farmer. The 2012 Farm Bill is important to not only those who farm but those who eat!

The current Farm Bill will expire this year. As a group, Congress has yet to pass a Farm Bill. Although a version has been passed by the Senate, a version has yet to be passed by the House. As a food consumer and a farmer, I need the assurance that the Farm Bill offers for my affordable food and for my family ranch.

We are in the worst drought we’ve been in for 60 years and Congress has taken a break without passing a Farm Bill and without drought assistance for farmers or livestock producers. Congress is creating more and more uncertainty – not economical uncertainty but political uncertainty. Right now in a very uncertain year, as a food consumer and a farmer, I need certainty that a Farm Bill will provide.

But we are running out of time. I am not normally a political person or a pushy person, but today I’m going to be politically pushy for agriculture! You have a voice and now is your time to send a message to those that represent you that we need the certainty that a Farm Bill can provide – and now! Whether you are a food consumer and a farmer like me – or just a food consumer – this is very important.

Congress will only be in session a few days in September and then a “lame duck session” following the November elections. Let’s engage together as consumers and farmers to have them hear our voices in September. Please visit with your Senator and thank them for their past work and encourage their House counterparts to press for the passage of a Farm Bill. Then talk with your Congressman to press for a Farm Bill and its importance as a Nebraska citizen and a consumer of food.

Go to www.farmbillnow.com and send a message via Twitter or Facebook or simply sign a petition. You can also see follow the twitter stream conversations with the #farmbillnow hashtag.

“It’s not economical uncertainty, it’s political uncertainty.” That’s what one of my favorite K-State professors, Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh, Ag Economics Professor at Kansas State University, discusses in the video about the 2012 Farm Bill.

Thanks for making your voice heard.

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