“WE in agriculture.” A response to HSUS.

The following letter was written by my father, a rancher in Eastern Colorado, in response to the HSUS’s CEO Wayne Pacelle’s letter to the editor in Feedstuffs Magazine, December 31, 2012.

Dear Editor:

Pacelle’s attempt at civility (Dec 31, 2012 Feedstuffs) is similar to a D.C. politician giving the evening forecast.  He can rant about how he envisions next week’s weather and then blame the producers’ uproar on their misunderstanding when the forecast is totally missed.  His monologue about how those who disagree with his group’s point of view on Animal Agriculture are arcane to the well-informed Agricultural Producers. His approach is like the small cloud on the horizon, seemly inconsequential, but full of updrafts.

He challenges those who won’t willingly ‘come to the table’ as being part of a culture content to sip the cup of confrontation. Mr Pacelle, sitting across the table from you is like sitting across from Harrison Ford in the Star Wars Bar Scene, you are Mr. Collected with an ion pistol in your lap. You paint a nice picture of cooperation in your letter, but neglected the details of the blackmailing, closed door meetings with the Corporations that you have threatened, in order to bring about these "forward thinking, sustainable business models". 
Mr. Pacelle, in paragraph eight you begin with ‘In Agriculture, WE…’ let’s stop right there! You sir are NOT in agriculture, WE implies that you are invested in the actual sustainability of Agriculture and for that matter, rural life. 

WE in Agriculture are smart in not meeting you at the table because we know no good can come from it. We see, however, how you are already coming through the back door in many states – not by state legislation or ballot initiatives – but through the board rooms of corporate food organizations who deem that changing agriculture’s production practices will suffice their consumers’ desires.

This is at best, a poor business practice Mr Pacelle. The business that my family and I are in as a beef rancher is raising safe, affordable and abundant beef. We know this business and care for this business. We respect the open forum of debating ideas and practices and will not be bullied by the likes of your faux fronted practices.

WE in agriculture have seen our share of ‘Clouds on the Horizon’, we can recognize an honest, accurate forecast.  We’ve also seen our share of Dust Devils bully through, that never account for anything sustainable. We’ll keep our business in our own path of agriculture. Thank you for keeping your business to helpless pets in shelters, that is what you are sworn to do, right?

Joe Frasier
Owner/Operator of River Bend Ranch
Limon, Colorado

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