Topics to tackle

We are 21 days into the new year and already I have a page full of issues in agriculture right now.

In no particular order:

  • 20140121_160019GMO/Biotechnology
  • Immigration reform
  • Food prices
  • Cost of production
  • COOL
  • Drones & privacy
  • Right to Farm
  • Clean Air Act targeting farmers
  • Farm Bill
  • China
  • RFS
  • Water
  • Meat Demand
  • Farming for the next generation
  • Exports
  • McDonald’s “Sustainable Beef”
  • Commodity prices
  • Nutrition
  • Beta-Agonists
  • Weather
  • Feeding the world
  • Environmental concerns
  • Food production

These are probably just the tip of the iceberg when I really sit down and delve into the list of topics. We often hear, “Agriculture’s future is so bright”. But is it really? It’s hard to think so with so many issues looming over us. I hope to make this year in agriculture brighter by offering my comments on the issues and maybe a few solutions how I see it. Look forward to some “bright issues” posts soon!

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