The Truth about Modern Pork Production

This video, called, “The Truth about Pork Production” is the best video I’ve seen that accurately, simply and plainly explains how modern pork producers raise their pigs. The family farmer in this video, Chris Chinn, takes the viewer inside her family hog barns and explains what gestation crates are and why they are important, the temperature controlled barns, and the custom feeding units for sows and market hogs. What’s most important, is that she explains things from a producer and a consumer point of view, including explaining how their farm is regulated by the EPA and Department of Natural Resources, and explains the “why” in everything.

What’s also important about her explainations is that she uses great “buzz words” to describe her operation, such as: ‘protect our environment,’ ‘family,’ ‘recycle,’ ‘safe,’ and ‘care’. She also quotes, "As farmers, we care about the well being of our animals," she says in the video. "It’s our top priority."

You can follow Chris on Twitter at @chrischinn to learn more about her operation or pork production. Our industry needs more farmers and ranchers to produce truthful stories like this Chris’s.

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