The future of agriculture

I’ve been away from the Ag on the Forefront blog for awhile because my husband and I welcomed our son, Chisum Marshall, into our family on September 9! We’re pretty excited for this new miracle in our lives. Chisum Marshall

I will be sharing numerous Chisum stories on my family blog, but while I was cuddling with Chisum this morning, I started thinking about his future.

Will he see some of the same issues in agriculture that I see today? Will he have to worry about the government or animal rights activists trying to dictate how farmers and ranchers raise their livestock? Will food insecurity be a solved problem? What kind of technology in agriculture will he see that doesn’t exist yet?

It’s exciting and scary at the same time. But I’m hopeful that our industry will be ever improving and that he will have the same passion for agriculture that our family does.

One thought on “The future of agriculture

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