The food industry in Louisiana

Being in Louisiana this week for the U.S. Grains Council annual meeting has giving me a taste (literally) of not only their grain industry – but also the amazing food industry!
Food in the south is a culture in it’s self. Even though I am an avid beef-eater, I think the only beef I’ve eaten down here is in the sausage in my jambalaya. But the seafood has been wonderful. Shrimp, red snapper, oysters, clams, crawfish and even turtle and gator – which I don’t think are seafood, but good nonetheless. 
One of the places we visited while down here was a food testing lab. After the large Gulf oil spill, many people had concerns of the safety of the seafood and how the oil affected it. The Eurofins lab we visited with showed us the exact tests and measures they take to ensure the food we eat is safe. They would never allow anything not safe to eat pass through that could be potential dangerous. This is the same way with fruit, vegetables, and meat all across the U.S.
And of course, I had to try a famous beignet and chicory coffee from Cafe du Monde. Oh, sweet Southern food!
To see more New Orleans pictures, click here for my Picasa online album.

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