Review explores beef, shares accomplishments

Today, the Masters of Beef Advocacy Alumni Association sent out a report, marking  the release of “The Cattlemen’s Stewardship Review: Connecting Our Vision and Values,” a comprehensive look at the beef industry’s influence on communities, the economy, public health and the environment.

This review was developed with the goal of bridging the knowledge gap between producer and consumers, and reconnecting people with the beef community. In essence, it’s the first-of-its-kind look at the values and vision of America’s cattlemen and how they responsibly raise good food and healthy animals, while protecting the environment and building strong communities—all with the end of goal of providing the safest, highest-quality, most consumer-friendly beef in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner in order to feed people around the world.

Similar, but different than a corporate social responsibility report, this is a unique report—it’s not about a company or organization, it’s about a community of small, independent, family-business owners whose goals are to meet the long-term food and nutritional needs of consumers globally. “The Cattlemen’s Stewardship Review: Connecting Our Vision and Values” highlights the accomplishments of America’s farmers and ranchers while also identifying opportunities for growth and improvement.

An interactive, electronic version of the Review is available on as well as a downloadable PDF of the full report and an interactive graphic of one of the many variations of the beef lifecycle. In addition, PDF files of each individual section of the Review and a fact sheet have been created and can be found on Throughout the Review, short videos are available for viewing through the use of QR codes. These videos and additional video clips can be found on the Beef: Pasture to Plate YouTube page. The fact sheet and full report PDF are also available in the RESOURCES section at the bottom of the homepage of the MBA alumni site.

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