Reflections and Ramblings from 2015

This year was my first full year “back on the ranch” so to speak and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the year even though my family is still in “Christmas Crazy Mode” (three Christmases in three weekends in three states!). But I get to see nearly all of my family, which I love.

Since my husband, son and I had the opportunity to move back to my family’s beef cattle ranch in Colorado in Nov. 2014, we’ve now seen a year in the ups and downs of agriculture and life on a family ranch.

My absolute favorite part of being home on the ranch is getting to view it through the eyes of our son who turned two in September. Every “vrrooomm”, “beep beep”, “hey bulls”, or “hip hip move cows” that he says solidifies in my mind that we made the right decision to move back. He is learning so much and I don’t know any better experience than ranch life for a young boy.

Reflecting on my Ag on the Forefront blog – of course I wish I would have had time to write a few more posts and share about issues that I’m passionate about. But it was a fun year getting to share with you how our role in agriculture has changed from agribusiness to beef and ranch management.

I enjoyed sharing icy pictures in my February 21 post about 5 ways ranchers prepare for a snowstorm. And we had quite a bit of snow this past year!


I got to share with you our pictures of our first calf after she was born during a snowstorm and how excited our son was.

I stared composting this year and created a DIY Compost Bin out of empty cattle lick tubs (hey, it’s recycling-on-the-ranch at its best!). I was able to use some of the compost when I planted a couple of bushes this fall, and it will be ready to dump and mix into my garden this spring.

A first this was was having the opportunity to be on national TV on The Balancing Act show on the Lifetime Channel sharing why our family uses antibiotics in our cattle and why it is safe. Antibiotics has been a buzzword and hot topic in the news and throughout social media so I was glad to be prepared to share with them from my experience as a rancher. I’m blessed to be a CommonGround volunteer as they provide opportunities for farm and ranch women to share our stories and build connections with food-eaters (you know you are one!)

Check out the short video:

I also followed up this conversation about antibiotics with a blog, Why do we use antibiotics in our beef cattle?.

Probably my boldest move of the year was reaching out to Subway and literally walking into my local Subway restaurant to talk to the manager about how their decision to remove meat from animals given antibiotics affects local ranchers like me. I appreciate all of the shares and support on my Ag on the Forefront Facebook page as well surrounding this topic!

Even in the busyness of life, it comes down to the fact that I love to write, I have a passion for agriculture and beef cattle, and I feel I have a calling from my Heavenly Father to help others understand His creation. So thank you for reading about my passions and for joining in on the conversations. I love to hear from readers and if you have topics you would like to see me write about or have questions I can answer – please let me know!

Blessings on your New Year in 2016!


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