Raising healthy beef is a rancher’s goal; Here’s how we do it

As a rancher and a mom, it’s just as important to have a health plan for our cattle as it is our kids.


Animal welfare is a way of life for farmers and ranchers just like my family and me.

On our ranch, we use a herd health program, much like a well-child check with children. I take my son to every wellness check that the doctors prescribe to make sure he is developing and growing healthy.

We do the same thing with our calves born on the ranch; that health care continues with all of the cattle on our ranch. We are out with our cattle every day, watching for signs of sickness (droopy ears, watery eyes, diarrhea, etc.) and bring them into the barn be doctored and monitored.

Snapshot of The Ranch: Our Herd Health Program

Learn about the herd health program we use to care for our ladies and babies … cows and calves that is!

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