One more reason to like Southwest Airlines

Most people like Southwest Airlines because of their coined, “Bags Fly Free!” phrase. No one likes to pay a baggage fee and Southwest is able to provide that free.

But today I want to look at another reason to like Southwest…they turned down PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)!

Southwest Airlines’ inflight magazine has turned down a PETA’s scandalous ad. Apparently, PETA is unhappy about that. Southwest responded that they were sorry PETA was displeased (which they shouldn’t be), but the ad was not appropriate for the magazine.

The ad (as pictured below) carried the message: “Be Proud of Your Body Scan: Go Vegan.”

This is a good time to put in your pro-meat message if someone brings this up! Share about the government-approved guidelines for lean beef and pork and how you can eat meat and “Be Proud of Your Body!”

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