Once a farm girl, now a city girl; an agvocate

After encouraging one of my best friends to read the website and responses that Michael Pollan was going to be on Oprah, I got this response in an email,

“I don’t know how you write such calm and composed notes on these message boards.  The other comments are so ridiculous and unfounded it makes me sooo ANGRY!  I don’t even think I could begin to put together a comment that comes off so smart like yours because I get so mad at these dumb people.  I really wish they would go to the farm for a couple of weeks and realize that its not like we don’t have a heart for sending our cows to slaughter…that’s just the way life is.  I would say some of the big bankers are more heartless than the cattle producers!”

So I responded back,

“You should honestly put that in a comment…just that. People need to read it.”

So she did, and it was so amazing. Here is an excerpt, but you should go to here to read the whole thing:

“From my standpoint, I have never seen a harder job than working on a farm, and there are a lot of hard jobs out there. This is where I think people start to lose sight of what farming is all about. It is hard, and anything we can do to make it easier we are going to. Because of this, we have antibiotics for cattle so that they stay healthy and genetically engineered crops so that farmers can spray their crops to kill weeds resulting in better yields. Believe it or not farmers do this not because they want to "intoxicate your food" but because they want to save more calves and make more food. I’ve helped my father work cattle a lot. I’ve helped him give shots, band baby bulls, things that the average city folk would find appalling. I’ve also helped him put fly and lice dope on the cattle so that they are more comfortable. I’ve helped pull calves to save the mother and baby. My dad spends more time trying to get a cow to feed a calf than he spends with his three daughters on a lot of days. My dad, like most farmers, does not want cattle to suffer and does not want to provide the world with toxic crops.

On Oprah’s show today there is going to be a man who will tell the world that eating meat is bad. In fact he will go so far as to saying that eating anything other than organic is bad. He will insinuate that eating food from the normal food source (the grocery store) will make you unhealthy. I find this odd seeming how I have been eating out of the grocery store for 24 years and I have never had a major disease or sickness. I am not overweight, I am active, I am healthy. My mother has been eating out of the grocery store for over 50 years. She is healthy. She just had knee replacement done and is doing wonderfully. Her mother died of cancer and her father a stroke, this means she has genetics that could make her very sick, but she is not. SHE IS HEALTHY!! This comes as a shock to me, because according to the pee brain on Oprah, she should be about 300lbs and on her death bed.”

Go to Patricia’s Blog to read the whole column. And go agvocate today against Michael Pollan being on Oprah here.

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