Newly funded K-State animal-feed research facility

Way to go Cargill and K-State! Looks like an awesome opportunity for research.

Cargill helps fund K-State animal-feed research facility – from

Cargill’s $500,000 grant to Kansas State University will help the school build a first-of-its-kind research facility to study food and feed safety issues facing the animal feed industry, the company announced Tuesday.

The Cargill Center for Feed Safety Research is slated to be operational in late 2012, with planned research efforts including feed processing technologies to reduce bacterial/viral introduction to animal food livestock operations and the food chain. The facility will be located on Kansas State’s Manhattan, Kan., campus.

“At present, there is not a single facility in the United States licensed and approved for feed-related research involving Salmonella, E. coli and other common food-related pathogens,” Kansas State University President Kirk Schulz said in a news release.

Chuck Warta, a vice president at Cargill Animal Nutrition, said, “Advancements in food safety are one of the biggest focus areas for the industry at the present time. Feed and feed ingredients are an increasingly critical part of the safe food system.”

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