New Orleans Frozen Port Tour

New Orleans, frozen in May? No, I actually toured a port wharf in New Orleans that ships out frozen beef and pork. This tour was part of the U.S. Meat Export Federation Board of Directors meeting held in New Orleans this past week.


The tour showed us the different areas along the river where barges and vessels come through to unload and reload containers and bulk supplies from all around the world. This specific facility was going to start operating the near future so it didn’t have any meat stored in it yet – but it was still cold in there! 32 degrees. But they were waiting for it to get down to –15 degrees before they could flash-freeze meat.

These were the doors into the storage racks. It was just as cold in this load out area so they can keep the beef and pork frozen as they are loading it onto refrigerated containers.

The facility really was massive. But when 96% of the world’s population lives outside of the U.S. and the demand for U.S. meat is high, we’ve got to fill that need and supply them with high-quality U.S. meat.

We drove through the port area where they were loading a large vessel with containers.

Those being loaded were not refrigerated containers, but we did see a vessel that had some of the refrigerated containers already loaded.

It’s amazing what all we can do from here in the U.S. to help support the world market and fill the demand for U.S. red meat. But we still have challenges ahead with foreign policy, consumer preferences, and concerns for BSE and UTM (under thirty months) of age. But USMEF and it’s staff all over the world is doing a remarkable job educating and opening up export markets for U.S. red meat.

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