My favorite #foodthanks quotes

A lot of folks have been blogging about Thanksgiving and thanking farmers and agriculture for the food we eat every day. The AgChat Foundation has established and encourages tweeters to use the hashtag #foodthanks I have compiled a list of my favorite quotes about food from these blogs

  • Food doesn’t just happen. It takes an incredible number of caring, thoughtful, hard-working individuals to provide the food for the meals we enjoy every day. From farmer to processor to truck driver to chef to retailer, millions work hard to provide our food.” – Kathy at Cow Art and More
  • Having lived in New York metro, this video {check out her blog for the video} rings so true for me. Since I’m on vacation today, seems a great way to start my morning by taking a minute to quietly thank a farmer (actually several helped produce my breakfast of a chicken biscuit — chicken, wheat, eggs, milk, tea, potatoes) and offering #foodthanks by telling my niece thank you as she brings me breakfast (love that).” – Janice at Ag – a colorful adventure
  • “…the U.S. continues to have the safest, most affordable food in the world. A classic turkey feast with all the fixings for 10 people will cost $43.47 this year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual price survey. The total cost rose 56 cents, or about 1.3 percent, from last year’s $42.91 average. Both figures are lower than the cost from two years ago, when the meal cost $44.61.” – Mark at Corn Commentary
  • A life in Agriculture has provided so many great things for my family and I. As a kid, ranching provided an opportunity for my family to work together on a daily basis. I grew to love what my parents had a passion for doing and it is now a passion of my own. My family has always had a freezer full of beef, the boots on our feet, and a roof over our heads thanks to our work in the cattle business. Not to mention the work ethic, values, and connection with my environment that I have gained through my work in Agriculture.” – Ryan Goodman at Agriculture Proud and Sitting in the Pasture
  • I am thankful that I am in a position to give. There are a lot more people that need some sort of assistance these days, and I can help ease the burden. It is amazing how much food can be bought with $10. Agriculture has blessed me with friends, experience and monetary rewards, and I want to pass on some of the to others.” Crystal at Crystal.Cattle via Agriculture Proud blog
Personally, I am ag-thankful for my job. I get to promote agriculture everyday! I love talking to people about agriculture and how it positively affects their lives. Just this morning, I had a meeting with a gentleman, originally from Boston, now living in Omaha. He didn’t have a clue about agriculture – but was so excited to learn – and I was so excited to tell him about it and how he is involved just by eating! I am also thankful for my family, for growing up on a ranch, and for my husband who also works in agriculture!
Please remember to give #foodthanks this week on your blog, facebook pages, and twitter, especially on Wednesday, November 24.

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