More #agblogs…

Here’s more to my list of favorite ag bloggers that I want to suggest to other readers.

Lori @ Grain Girl blog has a great series on Urban Legends. This last one was on Factory Farms and she did a great on about Michael Pollan.

Ryan @ Sitting in the Pasture blog – or some know him well as @AR_ranchhand on twitter. I appreciate his posts as a young cattlemen and how is reaching out to agvocate with . Keep up the good work!

Carly @ Two generations removed from the farm blog. Her blog is insightful in the way she looks at ag, and I’m hoping it’s reaching out to not only her urban friends, but to urban consumers as well. She was fortunate to grow up in a rural, agricultural community, yet did not live on the farm. I enjoy her humorous stories and agriculture in Florida – growing up in Colorado, it’s interesting to learn more about ag in other parts of the country!

Dr. Green @ Innovating Agriculture and Natural Resources to 2025 blog. Dr. Ronnie Green has been in the role as the  University of Nebraska Vice President and Harlan Vice Chancellor in the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources for almost one year. His blog has been great to see his visions for agriculture in the future of producing enough food and resources for the world.

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