Missouri farmers consider livestock care board

There has been a lot of talk about the Ohio Livestock Care Board going around in Nebraska, as mentioned in the article. I’m glad to see that progress is being made in Missouri as well. This is a great way to fight back to HSUS, whose main goal is to eliminate animal agriculture!

Missouri farmers consider livestock care board
Cliff Gauldin, Feedstuffs Foodlink

Livestock producers in the “Show Me” state apparently like what they’ve seen happen in Ohio. A movement is reportedly afoot to establish a Livestock Care Standards Board in Missouri similar to what Ohio voters approved with Issue 2 in November.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) announced that it will conduct a petition drive in Missouri in order to place a November 2010 measure before voters to strictly regulate dog breeders.

Some in the farm sector fear that will ultimately lead to increased attention on livestock practices, such as HSUS’s successful 2008 campaign in California that led to a ban on sow gestation stalls, laying hen battery cages and veal crates.

Paul Shapiro, senior director of the HSUS Factory Farming Campaign, emphasized that the effort is aimed only at dog breeders.

“I’m not sure we could be more explicit,” said Shapiro. “The ballot measure in Missouri relates only to ‘puppy mills.’ The vast majority of the ballot measures HSUS has waged in the last two decades are unrelated to farm animals.”

Missouri lawmakers have indicated that legislation to create a Livestock Care Standards Board will be introduced in the legislative session beginning in January, according to the Brownfield Network.

The Ohio tactic has also apparently garnered attention from Nebraska producers.

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  1. I am always amazed that HSUS is called an animal welfare movement when it is actually an animal rights social movement. Basically they believe in no ownership of any animals not even for food. Of course state the small farmer has nothing to fear. Please see this and make up your own mind. This is repeated over and over with domestic animals and livestock. Watch this story, there will be no charges brought forth, and the man's animals are gone and wonder if he has 10-20 thousand dollars to fight in court to get 30 hogs back. This happened in an area in North Carolina where the median income is a little over 30,000 dollars. It had either been snowing, sleeting, or raining for a week. There was so much rain, the ground is still wet. This man lost part of his livlihood because of a "anomyous phone call"! Please be wary, it is not about large farms or large dog kennels, it is any animal.


    These pictures and videos are shown and many people do not realize that hogs running around in ice, snow and rain, well it will be muddy. This is the deception.

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