McDonald’s new ads feature farmers

McDonald’s is focusing on quality ingredients and the farmers who provide them in its new ad campaign. In December, they shared a 15-second preview clip featuring potato farmer Frank Martinez and his crops.

Last night, I saw a commercial featuring Steve Fogelsong who provides beef to McDonald’s for their hamburgers. The ads remind me of USFRA’s Food Dialogues new video features and I thought it was one of them at first. But I’m glad that McDonalds is bringing the face of the farmer to their food – even if some will think it’s just an advertising ploy. These are real people who grow real food.

This really helps consumers understand that it takes farmers to make hamburgers.

In November, McDonald’s severed ties with Sparboe Egg Farms after undercover footage revealed apparent animal abuse at its facilities, and pork supplier Smithfield Foods has vowed to phase out small cages for pregnant pigs by 2017. However, their Chief Marketing Officer, Neil Golden, said this new campaign is unrelated to recent events and has been in the planning process for almost a year.

Here is the potato farmer video, the other commercials are to become available as the campaign rolls out this week. The full campaign will feature Martinez and fellow potato farmer Jenn Bunger, lettuce farmer Dirk Giannini and beef rancher Steve Fogelsong of Black Gold Ranch.

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