Love your neighbor as yourself

“…’Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.”
-Mark 12:31-

The wind is blowing hard again today. It feels all too familiar of that horribly windy day last week which brought with it fire that changed so many peoples’ lives.

My heart has been heavy for the ranchers who lost cattle, fences, their livelihood and even lives of loved ones. The fact that it could happen to my family at any time is a scary, fierce reality. Our range is bone-dry, ponds dried up and dust overtaking areas that used to be grass. A spark could change our lives too, and I pray that God brings rain and mercy to our dry land.

You’ve probably read stories or seen videos about the damage the fires caused in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. NCBA has an excellent and exclusive list of Fire Relief Resources.

Not listed on this list for those wanting to help in Colorado is a Fencing Drive by Jakes Feed, LLC of Holyoke, Colo.  Jake’s Feed, has been working with the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association to help fulfill the devastating need of fencing supplies. They can be reached at 970-854-7220.

Farmers and ranchers have a hard time asking for help. I try to think of what would help if our family was in this situation. Prayers, supplies and feed. That is loving thy neighbor, please consider helping yours.


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