Know a {California} farmer

image“Get to know your food, flowers, and fiber by getting to know the people behind them. Meet the real farmers and ranchers from across California who grow things that make life possible.”

I wish every state had a website like California does.
Have you checked out
It’s an amazing site with 180 videos of farmers across the state. From dairy farming, to vineyards to fruit trees to rice farming to family farming. California is a very diversified state in terms of ag production – and this website really reflects that!
All of the videos are great. I really like this video, “Respecting Our Roots”.

I also like this one – he is so proud and passionate to be a “ah-mon” farmer (I learned this when I was in California in May – It’s only an almond until they knock the “L” out of ‘em! Thanks, Janet!!)

I’m sure my tweeps, @JeffFowle and  @MegRaeB and grad school pal, Janet, are proud to be from California!

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