I’m not ready for snow!

120113_snow_forecastWell, I suppose it is December. That is the comment I try to tell myself and others when the comment, “I’m not ready for snow!” arises. But when the weather has been so nice, it’s hard to be ready to acclimate to cold, snowy weather.

March, April and May seems just not that long ago when we were receiving days of blizzards on the ranch. This is a good reminder though that even in the cold of winter, farmers and ranchers truly are doing all they can to care for their livestock. And that snow is a great form of moisture to our drought-stricken area.IMG_20130325_095940_948 (1)[3]

Even this October when the atrocious storm, Atlas, blasted Western South Dakota and Northwestern Nebraska with an early blizzard, the ranchers were as prepared as they could be. The storm was just more repulsive than forecasted with inches of rain followed by inches of snow and gale-force winds. There is only so much you can do in these situations, then ranchers must give the rest to God.

Why does weather – especially winter weather – bring such doom and gloom to much of our conversations in agriculture? Well, I want to end this post with a positive story. That story of the Atlas blizzard in South Dakota tugged at the heart-strings of a Nebraska rancher and she decided to do something about it. Just in the last few days, she took a trip to South Dakota to deliver seven young cows and heifers to a family who lost it all. huskercowgirl

Please take a minute to read her blog post, “Faith, Hope and Heifers”. It will give you chills, but will reaffirm that something small makes a difference in the lives of others. Thanks for sharing, Meghan!

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