HSUS in Nebraska? HumaneWatch.org is!

This coming Sunday, the Humane Society of the United States is holding a Town Hall meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska. They have recently hired a director for Nebraska (housed in Omaha) and Wayne Pacelle himself is coming for this meeting to discuss issues surrounding animals in Nebraska. No doubt, this won’t only be about pets, but about Nebraska’s economic driver – livestock.

HumaneWatch.org has put up this billboard close to 10th and Rosa Parks, sharing that HSUS gives less than 1% of donations to local pet shelters. This is an imperative time to educate Nebraskans about who HSUS is, that they are different from your local pet shelter, and that they want to abolish animal agriculture.
To find out more about the meeting this Sunday, November 21st, click here. Also, check out HumaneWatch.org to see what HSUS has done in other states and to see where they are spending donation dollars.

2 thoughts on “HSUS in Nebraska? HumaneWatch.org is!

  1. Kevin Fulton's operation is the wave of the future. Chemical free and humane. Keep resisting consumer demand for what's best for human health, the environment and animal welfare and you'll be left in Fulton's dust. He's not a small producer–he's got 1800 head of cattle. The average in that area is 200. He can't keep up with demand. People are tired of chemically soaked food grown in cruelty. Get with the program. HSUS is just an indicator of what the public wants. Why is animal ag the only industry that completely shuts out public opinion?

  2. @Pamela – thank you for the comment and for spurring on discussion. I don’t discriminate between how cattle producers choose to raise their cattle. My family raises all kinds: grass-fed, corn-fed, and natural beef. However, Fulton is a small all-organic, grass-fed beef producer who apparently believes Pacelle’s HSUS will leave him alone (and give him a competitive edge) while it pursues a veganized America. He’s wrong. Pacelle is a vegan who will never actually endorse (much less eat) a steak, even if the animal it came from was produced and finished on a prairie or organic hay.

    HSUS is not an indicator of what people want. 97% of Americans eat meat and farmers and rancher care for their livestock in Nebraska. Check out http://www.becomeafan.org.

    It’s important to know that HSUS does NOT support your local animal shelter or local humane society. It just wants you to think that in the hopes that you'll fork over your hard earned money to an animal rights organization that has more employees and a bigger payroll than the White House.

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