HSUS donates $0 to five states…including Nebraska

2010-06_NOT_YOUR_LOCAL_HUMANE_SOCIETY-thumbThe Center for Consumer Freedom released today a report showing just how much (or how little) of the millions of dollars poured into the Humane Society of the United States each year reaches local pet shelters in all 50 states.

It’s called "Not Your Local Humane Society," and it includes some eye-opening statistics about how HSUS fails to put pet-sheltering dollars to work in the local communities where the money originates.

Here are a few examples that HumaneWatch.org found out:

    • Between 2006 and 2008, HSUS donated zero dollars to hands-on pet shelters in five states (Maine, Nebraska (Hello! That’s my state!) , Nevada, South Dakota, and Wyoming).

    • In 2008 HSUS made donations to pet shelter organizations in only 15 states—down from 34 states in 2007—even though its overall budget increased by more than $8 million.

    • HSUS routinely spends far more on state-level political fights than on pet shelters in those same states. In Arizona, for instance, HSUS spend $300 passing a "humane farms" ballot initiative for every $1 it donated to pet shelters in that state. Similarly lopsided numbers can be found in Michigan, Massachusetts, Colorado, and California—and the smart money is on HSUS repeating the phenomenon in Ohio this year.

      Download "Not Your Local Humane Society" and see how HSUS performed in your state. It documents just how little HSUS shares with hands-on dog-and-cat shelters in all 50 states. And this isn’t just a one-year slump—it’s a trend. CCF went through HSUS’s tax filings for 2006, 2007, and 2008, (HSUS hasn’t filed its 2009 tax return yet.) In those three tax years, HSUS spent nearly $280 million on salaries, lobbying, advertising, fundraising, and other programs. Its grants to hands-on pet shelters, though, totaled less than $7 million—barely a sliver of the money it had at its disposal.

      This is just one more reason to educate others about HSUS. I gave a talk to Lincoln’s Kiwanis club last night. Even though the majority of it was about the corn industry, I took five minutes to share about HSUS and how it rides on the name, “Humane Society”. A little old lady made me repeat the information because she thought she heard me wrong…and she was shocked to know the truth. Now, about 50 more people know what HSUS really is. Who are you telling?

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