HSUS & Coyotes: The New Humane Action

I was recently signed up on the Humane Society of the United States listserv because I RSVP’d for their town hall meeting recently in Lincoln. Not a problem as I enjoy getting updated on what they are doing and how they lying to their constituents about how they help animals. I especially enjoyed the email I recieved today from them.

Here is what it looked like:

The email was simply about the weird birds falling out of the sky, blah blah blah. What really caught my attention was at the top of the email:

A coyote. Now, don’t we have problems with coyotes killing our livestock – especially our feathered friends that are running around? And doesn’t the HSUS have an agenda to lobby for free-range chickens?

Yup, looks like Humane Action to me!

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