HSUS Corporate Sponsors

I discovered a list of the corporate sponsors that the Humane Society of America (HSUS) has endorsed in supporting their cause. Here is the list:

Travel agency

Bank of America
HSUS credit card and checking programs

Fund for Animals credit card

Buffalo Exchange
Apparel retailer

Carivintâs Winery
Several wine clubs featuring animal label art

Charity Partners
Event ticket sales

Cheeky Monkey Jewelry
Jewelry from reclaimed metals and conflict-free stones

Crocodiles Not Waterlilies
Plush/books for children

Check Gallery
Personal checks and address labels

San Nicolas Feral Cat program sponsor

Ebay Giving Works run by Mission Fish
Charity auctions on eBay Giving Works

eFundraising, a subsidiary of QSP Time, Inc.
Magazine subscriptions

AnimalRescueSite click-to-feed program

Grounds for Change
Organic, shade-grown, fair-trade, and carbon-free coffee

Harland Clarke
Personal checks

HomeAgain microchip by Schering-Plough
Animal Care Expo sponsor

Jakks Pacific
Pet products including apparel and toys

Land Rover North America
Wild Horse Protection Project sponsor

Legacy Interactive
Pet Pals video game

i’m Initiative with Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Hotmail

Mighty Fine

Neue Galerie New York
Art/music gallery

Menswear designer of bracelet and matching dog collar

Supporter discounts on vacuum cleaners

Organic Bouquet
Eco-friendly flowers and gifts

Petco Stores and Foundation
End Dog Fighting program and Animal Care Expo sponsor

Pet e-Tailing
Humane Domain, the online store of The HSUS

Animal Care Expo Sponsor

Pet insurance and Spay Day Pet Photo Contest sponsor

PetSmart Charities
Disaster conference and Animal Care Expo Sponsor

Pilot Travel Centers
Emergency Services and HSVMA Field Services sponsor

Prai Beauty Group
Genesis Awards sponsor

Precious Cat
Cat litter additive to support Shelter Partners Program

Somerset Entertainment
Music CDs for pets

Charity gift cards

ViMax Publishing
Provides HSUS pet information to select grocers

Color printers to support Shelter Partners Program

[yellow tail]
“tails for tails” program

Print on demand postage stamps and products

If you support/utilize any of these corporations, I highly suggest you find an alternative. Better yet, write each of these and let them know how HSUS is aiming to destroy animal agriculture, your livelihood.

5 thoughts on “HSUS Corporate Sponsors

  1. "HSUS is aiming to destroy animal agriculture, your livelihood" I can't help but LOL at this comment! HSUS isn't aiming to destroy agriculture, unless by destroying agriculture you mean treating livestock humanely. I know it costs more money to you guys to do so, but don't twist the mission of the HSUS around so it can make you feel better about opposing them. They want humane conditions for our nation's livestock, and guess what, so do I (the average US consumer). Get on the ball guys, PEOPLE CARE!

  2. The Humane Society wants the Humane Slaughter Act enforced. They want dairy cows to be free from abuse and neglect. They want veal calves to not be conscious when they are sliced up.

    And for that they are being attacked by unethical farmers and others in the business of animal exploitation.

    It stinks.

  3. Dear "People Care" & "Unethical Farmer's and Animal Exploitation",
    Maybe you ignorant folk should get on the ball. Do you realize that only 3.64% of the money donated to HSUS actually goes towards the use that is claims to? The rest is used, my friends, in D.C. for lobbying and political strangle-holds. SORRY!!!! I would love to take you both with me, for a week, to experience MY livelyhood, my work, and my life. I am very lucky to spend my days with cattelmen and cattlewomen in the great state of Nebraska. There is bad, in ALL INDUSTRIES, including animal agriculture. I unfortunately can't deny that, BUT, you will find that most are not this way. I respect your passion for the safety and humane treatment of animals, as I have the same passion as well. The difference is, I live it every day.

  4. Instead of arguing with these completely false allegations, I'm simply going to ask if you've ever even set foot on a CAFO?
    I work on one everyday, and I know for a fact the animals are treated humanely, neither neglected nor abused.

  5. "My goal is the total abolition of animal agriculture", quoted by HSUS Coordinator, John Goodwin. How can an organization that spends less than one half of one percent of their income on hands-on animal shelters, be considered a non-profit organization that is helping cats and dogs. As John said it, they want to destroy animal agriculture by removing meat and dairy animals out of food production. This would destroy the livelihood of my family, as well as millions of others in the U.S.

    Farmers and ranchers truly care for their animals and don't want their animals to be abused. I have been on a dairy farm where the cows are able to walk around, eat all the hay and corn they want, and are free from abuse and neglect. I have also been to a poultry operation where they keep laying hens in the cage for the safety of the hen. They are not crammed in there so they can't move like the pictures you see. I have also been to packing houses where it is law that the animal is stunned and unconcious before it is processed. Why would we want our animals to be produced this way? HSUS and other anti-ag groups produce horrible pictures that even make me cringe, but are not reality.

    The reason we do not agree with HSUS is because they are trying to regulate how WE as agriculturists, farmers and ranchers raise our animals and to take them out of food production. There is a lot of research (USDA, NASS and several land grant universities) that show if we went into a pre-50's utopian agriculture production, or without certain technologies in agriculture, we could not produce enough food to feed our country, let alone the hundreds of countries we export food too.

    If you have more specific questions about agriculture and food production, please ask as I would like to address all questions. Thank you for the discussion!

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