Grocery consumer “moment”

I had a consumer moment in the grocery store.

While shopping for groceries before my parents came into town, the store I was shopping at didn’t have three items I needed: Madeira wine, bleu cheese and ground pork.

And then I had a tantrum…seriously, these are not three very unusual grocery products.

But I didn’t rant for long because my farmgirl angel on my right shoulder calmed down my consumer girl angel on my left shoulder.

We (Americans) have the best food supply in the world! We have a lot of choices for food, and just because sometimes the supply is low, doesn’t mean that I couldn’t come back to the store the next day and the depleted supply would be filled.

With my international travels for work, I’ve experienced grocery stores and the accessibility of food. We are truly blessed in the U.S. and I gave myself a little kick in the shin for being upset about my bleu cheese.

I guess it’s a good reminder for all of us to be grateful for our safe, affordable and nutritious food that American farmers grow!

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