Food follow-up

There has been a lot of follow-up and discussions about last week’s Food Dialogues in conjunction with the Town Hall style-meetings that the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance hosted.

Findings of two national surveys about food and how it is grown and raised were released during these dialogues. The surveys focused separately on the opinions, attitudes and questions consumers and farmers/ranchers have about the current and future state of how food is grown and raised in the United States. Results reveal that lack of access to information, as well as no interest or passion for the topic, have divided consumer opinion on the direction of agriculture.

I was unable to join the food dialogues as I was doing a school day presentation (just so you know, working with 2,200 kids = no voice or energy afterwards!). Much of the information was tweeted with the hashtag: #FoodD which I followed some in-between kids sessions.

But I wanted to pass along the observations of a fellow #agblogger, Jeff Fowle’s blog, Common Sense Agriculture, and his post on:

Food Dialogue….Boom or Bust?

Thanks, Jeff, for your notes and opinions.

You can also watch highlights from the event here: Food Dialogues.

What were your notes and observations from the Food Dialogues? Is USFRA reaching the right people? How do we share our story by just listening?

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