Food: A Farmer Isn’t a Farmer Without It – today on the RamZone blog

Food—it’s something that we think about, plan for and consume every day. But that simple word—food—has so much behind it.

I love that we have so many movements around food in our American culture today.

I love that I can grow my own veggies in my backyard garden or buy them from the grocery store in the winter when we don’t grow vegetables here in Nebraska. I am equally grateful for having the choice to run down to my local grocery store for a gallon of milk or even go to the mega-grocery store to take advantage of sales on larger quantities of food.

Have you ever sat down to a meal and really thought about where that food comes from? Or how it was produced differently today than in years past?

This is easy for me—a beef-raising gal working with corn farmers—to see. Still, there is such a detachment between these farmers and those who consume what they produce. A farmer isn’t a farmer if he has no one to produce food for.

In celebration of its 2013 “The Year of the Farmer”, head over to the Ram Trucks blog, today to read the rest of my featured blog post where I discuss the modern farmer and his or her ability to adapt to the ever-changing times, and “the Farmer in all of us“!

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