First calf

I posted previously about how ranchers prepare for a snowstorm. I posted a picture of this heifer who was getting ready to calve. And yes, she thought the snowstorm was a perfect time to have a calf.DSC06898
Thankfully, we got her into the barn before the foot of snow dumped. She and the heifer calf are doing great. Chisum was especially glad to be able to help supervise and “wave” at the new calf!

DSC06901  DSC06908
Encouraging her to stand to nurse.
While we usually don’t calve until April, my dad, brother and husband purchased some bred heifers who were due to calve around the end of February/first part of March.
Of the 10 heifers, five have had their calves so far. But the busy season of calving is yet to come!DSC06905

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