Firefighters care about ag, too


This last Sunday was the Goehner Volunteer Fire Department’s 55th Annual Spaghetti feed in Goehner, Nebraska. This isn’t just some jarred spaghetti sauce, it’s famous for a recipe that hasn’t changed since 1957 when it was given to the firemen by a priest in a neighboring community.  The annual spaghetti feed raises funds for the department and their community.

Ronny and I were invited by a friend and when we arrived, the volunteers have such a great system worked out that they stamp your number and then call you when it’s your time to go through the line. This little town of 150 fed over 1,400 plates of spaghetti!

But my favorite part were the placemats. I was told they were a new addition this year and contained “General Ag Facts” and great messages on “Today’s Modern Farm”.


Agriculture is a very important part of this community and to the whole state of Nebraska.  The placemat shared this imperative message, along with information about food prices, jobs and the economy, wildlife and conservation, ethanol and biodiesel, food production and modern farming practices.

Thanks, Goehner Volunteer Fire Department, for helping share ag’s great story to thousands of people!


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