Farming the future of agriculture – today on the RamZone blog

Today, I’m fortunate enough to be featured again over on the RamZone blog talking about the next generation in agriculture. I dedicated this post to my favorite rancher… my dad. Who also happens to be an avid baseball fan.

Farmers and ranchers like my dad love what they do because if fulfills the drive they have to feed and provide for the world day after day. And this love for the land and drive to keep doing things better doesn’t just stick with the farmer. The family he is raising shares his love of the land and his work ethic as well.

DSC04613And I introduce the RamZone world to the future of agriculture – our new son! This notion of the next generation of farming has become even more important to me with this new addition to our family.

He happens to also be a fan of my favorite rancher – his Papa Joe. 🙂


In celebration of its 2013 “The Year of the Farmer”, head over to the Ram Trucks blog, today to read the rest of my featured blog post where I discuss what farming might look like for the generations to come, and "the Farmer in all of us"!

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