Famous actor credits 4-H, K-State

I received the K-Stater Magazine today from my alma mater, Kansas State University and on the front was a picture of a guy that many people recognize from the popular comedy show on ABC, Modern Family. His name is Eric Stonestreet and started out his acting career from K-State’s theater program.

But what I found so cool reading about Eric was his tie back to 4-H. Eric grew up in rural Piper, Kan., raising cattle and swine for 4-H.

Just because Stonestreet was a good actor, didn’t mean he got every part he set out for when he moved to Chicago, and then L.A. after graduating from K-State. However, it was his work ethic and discipline, the realization there is something bigger than self, which he learned early on in 4-H, that kept him grounded.

Stonestreet, who won an Emmy Award last year for his role in Modern Family and has made appearances on Jimmy Kimmel and Conan, makes it back to Manhattan when he can to help teach students and help share how he became so successful.

And one of those stories are the great lessons he learned from 4-H.

What a cool effect and legacy 4-H has on people!

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