Cows, combines and columbines…each part of agriculture

Growing up, my siblings and I all had a role on our ranch and had an interest in agriculture. Our first real view of it was helping raise bottle calves, fixing fence with dad (the real use for a golf bag!), checking on water tanks and moving cows. Then it moved on with 4-H, and then FFA.

But our parents never pushed us into a career in agriculture. The livelihood and respect for earning a living in agriculture was just bred into us. It was natural for us to decide to study agriculture and eventually choose a career in it.

Each of us now have a role in agriculture. But the unique and exciting thing is: it’s all very different.

My older brother took the mechanical route, I took the livestock route, and my younger sister took the horticulture route.

First, meet Emily. She will be a senior at K-State in Horticulture: Landscape Design. She has always loved being outdoors, planting flowers, and especially art. So being in Landscape Design was a perfect fit for her, as she has gotten to use her skills of drawing and being creative to create beautiful designs.
Her knowledge of gardens, plants and trees has a natural fit into this as she knows almost every Latin name of every type of plant, where it grows, how big it gets, how much sun/water it needs, etc.

Emily is so unique in her own little way. She has the ability to make us laugh when she doesn’t even know it, can be serious and a great listener, has a passion for traveling (this picture was taken in a garden in England or Wales or someplace in the UK!) and she really has a passion and respect for the land.

Meet Ryan. He graduated from K-State (yes, we all bleed purple) in Ag Technology Management – or what he likes to call, Mechanical Engineering for the People Person. Ryan is such an easy person to talk to, so his role in agriculture was an easy fit in using his strengths of talking to people, and “fixing things” – or all the mechanical engineering stuff.

He works in Hesston, Kansas for AGCO doing just that. He helps work with people – dealers and engineers – to solve problems with tractors, combines, hay balers, etc.

When we are home on the ranch in Colorado, you can find Ryan in the shop, working on one of the vehicles, fixing the gate to open better – or easily playing around with the four-wheeler.

He probably wouldn’t like  me posting this picture of him, but hey, he put it on facebook!

Here is a better picture of Ryan and his lovely, wife, Lindsay. Lindsay is a city-girl, who has taken on this ranch family and really embraced us! She is usually one of the first ones to hop out of the truck to open a gate, will be right up in the pack moving or working cattle, and I hear she tagged her first calf this weekend. 🙂

My role and passion is really for the livestock industry. I went to K-State for Agricultural Economics and love the business side of agriculture, as well. I own Red Angus cattle with  my husband and enjoy learning about nutrition and agvocating and educating about animal welfare. As I work for the corn farmers in Nebraska, I like to use my knowledge and background in the cattle world, to better associate with  my livestock counterparts and learn new ways to work together to promote agriculture.

Isn’t it amazing that there are so many careers and roles in agriculture! I like bragging about my siblings that we are all involved in agriculture – yet have taken such different routes.

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