As a young child, when you would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say, “An author or a teacher.”

Little did I know then that I really would fulfill that dream someday. “Teaching” looks a little different, but I feel through agvocating for agriculture, I am teaching others about the lifestyle and necessity of raising safe, nutritious and healthy food.

Writing has always come easy to me and I love forming words into stories.

For this reason, I have put these dreams into play and love writing and teaching about agriculture. I have been published in publications such as Nebraska Cattleman, CALF News, Lowline Ledger, Santa Gertrudis USA, Braunvieh World,, U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, and more. My specialties include producer profiles, agricultural market news, cattle production practices and social media communications. I have also developed skills in digital communications and marketing, and analyzing those online analytics and metrics with Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and MailChimp Analytics.

I would love to work for you! Please contact me with a request for a freelance written story, contracting project or consulting work for ag communications, marketing and social media. I would be happy to share writing samples and provide references.

Contact me I will respond promptly. Thank you!