Celebrating ag week…calving-style!

Happy National Ag Week! I got to celebrate, calving-style, this past weekend at my in-law’s farm. They have baby calves and baby lambs everywhere!

See these two cuties? They are actually twins. One red, one black. The really random thing is that the neighbor had the exact same thing happen, both out of black momma cows. PART_1363702660334

One of these calves will be going to my nephew for his 4-H bucket calf project because the momma cow just doesn’t have enough milk for the both of them. But in this first week, she has done ok.

Both of our families raise cattle so we can provide safe and quality beef for others to enjoy. We take great pride in raising these animals – and even in a tough drought year, we are doing all we can to provide for our animals.

And we can’t forget the two cow dogs who love to be out with the cattle as much as we do!

How are you celebrating Ag Week this week?

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