Be BOLD for Beef Month

May just might be my favorite month. Beside July for the 4th, October for my birthday, and December for Christmas. But all of those holidays coincide with May being Beef Month because I EAT BEEF on all of them, as well!

This year, I am especially excited to celebrate May being Beef Month because of the BOLD research that was released this year. BOLD means Beef in an Optimal Lean Diet. This new BOLD research shows that, when eaten as part of a heart-healthy diet, lean beef can help lower LDL “bad” cholesterol. That means you can eat just under 6 oz of lean beef (remember there are 29 cuts?) every day and it will lower cholesterol.

That’s pretty exciting! I’ll admit that I like healthy food – but I wasn’t always that way. About two and a half years ago, I was overweight, unhappy about how I felt, and unhealthy. I started WeightWatchers because it was at my workplace and it was a benefit to my health insurance. So I did and one and half  years into it, I’d lost 30 pounds – and have kept it off for almost a year! The thing I brag about most is that I did that by eating beef. My leader can attest that I’ve shared about the 29 cuts of lean beef and now the BOLD diet many times.

DSC05603I’m also sharing my love for beef when I run! I don’t have a Team Beef jersey, but I made shirts for Ronny and I last year to run the BolderBOULDER 10K (and honor my Gramps – a pretty great cattleman – on Memorial Day, aka beef grilling day of the year in Beef Month!).

There are so many misconceptions about beef, but beef provides us with 10 essential nutrients that are so good for our bodies – and it has ZIP! Zinc. Iron. Protein. How many foods that you eat can you say that about?

I’m proud to raise beef, support farmers & rancher that raise beef by advocating for animal well-being, and proud to eat beef. How are you celebrating BEEF this month?

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