At the end of the day, nobody cares more about cattle than the person that gets up every day to take care of them

I’ve been meaning to post this article and have finally gotten around to it! I have heard Dr. Dan Thomson, Director of the Beef Cattle Institute and Associate Professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University,  speak before about animal welfare, and he contributes a very good perspective specific to the beef industry.

In this interview with Chuck Jolley, Dr. Thomsen says, “We see welfare assessments and production standards being developed and implemented by numerous groups. The beef industry is stepping forward to make its own assessment for cow/calf, stocker and feedlot. If we in the beef industry don’t continue to step forward, the standards and assessment tools will be written by someone that is not engaged in agriculture.”

He also makes a great point on the difference between animal rights and animal welfare – which is commonly used interchangeably, “Animal rights is a belief that animals have the same rights as humans. Animal welfare is animal husbandry. Animal welfare is tending to the livestock through nutrition, health and environment.

Animal rights people are for the welfare of animals. Animal welfare however does not include a philosophy that animals should be held in the same light as humans.”
To read the more of the interview, please click here.

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