Are GMOs untested?

imageA recent report came out by Consumer Reports that contains several factual errors and promotes misinformation about GMOs in food products.

So let’s just get the facts out there. GMO products undergo extensive, rigorous testing prior to approval. Here in the U.S., there are two mandated steps to GMO approval, by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, when appropriate. While review by the Food and Drug Administration is not mandatory, all GMO products available today have gone through FDA testing for safety. The industry unanimously agrees that the FDA review must be completed before commercialization and actually meets FDA requirements prior to USDA and EPA review.

Additionally, the article vaguely references livestock feeding studies pertaining to the safety of GMOs. Several times have studies touted negative health effects of GMOs being fed to livestock. In failing to even explain which instance Consumer Reports finds credible, the magazine provides vague speculation instead of sound, well-researched facts. In fact, researchers at UC Davis recently published a paper in the Journal of Animal Science, reporting that there is no difference between GMO-fed livestock and conventional-fed livestock in more than 100 billion animals reviewed.

The article also falsely claims that GMO crops have led to increased pesticide use. The opposite is actually the case. From 1996-2009, the use of biotechnology has reduced the amount of pesticides used by 379 million pounds.

Isn’t it ironic that Consumer Reports – known for independent research – is coming out with misinformation that has no scientific background? I have a feeling there was some outside pressure put on the organization for publishing. Unfortunately for them, they’ve lost credibility in my book until they publicly correct these errors.

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