All roads lead to HSUS: The case of the Michigan Meatout Day

All roads of destroying animal agriculture lead to…you guessed it: the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Even in the most recent case of the Michigan Meatout Day that so many people are hearing about during National Agriculture Week, this week.

A fellow constituent called an individual in the Department of Agriculture in Michigan today (no names or positions are going to be mentioned), and had a great visit about the situation. He said that FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement, whose 2010 theme is “Eat for Life – Live Vegan!”), or HSUS in essence, slipped this proclamation past the Governor without her recognizing what she was signing. They intentionally picked Ag Day. Go figure. I wonder how many other states they have tried this in? Apparently, they tried this in Kansas a couple years ago, but they did not fall for it. Michigan is disappointed that she did not check with the Department of Ag first.

It was suggested she retract and communicate her support of animal agriculture, and that she would lead the effort to enjoy a good steak today, and ask others to do the same, but he said that would never happen.

It was also mentioned to this individual in the Department of Ag in Michigan that other states were considering a boycott of Michigan products especially on AG DAY. Cherries, blueberries, etc, and that concerned him. Needless to say, the Michigan Department of Agriculture is both disappointed and embarrassed over this situation.

This poster says a lot for Michigan Agriculture, which is its second-largest industry:

Eat a steak today…or corned-beef and cabbage! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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