Agriculture majors face future with confidence

By Banana StockJust over a year ago, remember that not-so-lovely article by Yahoo! stating that ag degrees are worthless?

Well I have a come-back for Mr. Loose (author of that article). In USA Today, there was well-written article on March 26th – Agriculture majors face future with confidence. Who could argue?

The author, Ms. Wickel says it all in the first line, “People are never going to stop needing food.”

Her research leads into the article that agriculture science is seeing an increase in enrollment at the college level. The industry is leading to broader and more diverse careers than just being a farmer/rancher.

And there are jobs out there waiting for these graduates. Agriculture and natural resource majors have little to worry about, according to the Georgetown Public Policy Institute. Only 3.5% of experienced college graduates in the field are unemployed, rivaled only by 2.2% of health care grads.

This is exciting for the future of ag, but also for the future students knowing there are jobs to find and probably even thousands more waiting to be created with the increase of technology in agriculture. The future is bright!

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