Ag Day, celebrating the father of the Green Revolution

For Christmas, my parents gave me a tear-off day calendar of “silly holidays”. It features “National Puppy Day”, “Harry Houdini Day”, “Penguin Day” and many more often-bizarre and unique holidays.

Today, we’re celebrating National Ag Day. While National Ag Day didn’t make my calendar of unique holidays (although my calendar today said it is Pecan Day – an ag product!), we are celebrating today and saluting American Agriculture and everyone who plays a role in it.

Another important mark on history is that today would have been Norman Borlaug’s 100th birthday.

For most of us in agriculture, just mentioning the name Norman Borlaug conjures up untold respect. For some of us, we picture personal interactions or specific times in which we learned about the accomplishment saving a billion lives through agricultural innovation advances in wheat breeding averted a mass famine. Or maybe we think about how different the world would be now without his contributions. We know that work earned him a Nobel Prize and recognition as the father of the Green Revolution.

To honor Norm’s legacy and bring attention to the importance of ag innovation in feeding a growing population, we are celebrating his legacy on social media channels using the hashtag #Borlaug100. It’s the perfect time for telling the story of our least-known – yet most remarkable – humanitarian, and to showcase how his principles and vision remain vital today.

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