AcuRite helps ranchers prepare for weather

SAM_0147Weather totally impacts our family business of raising cattle. We manage where the cattle are pastured based on the time of the year to best protect them from the weather factors of wind, rain, snow, tornadoes and lightning. The amount of precipitation that we receive determines the growth of the grass which results on how many cattle we stock in our pastures, so we are very dependent on the weather.

One way for farmers and ranchers to better prepare for a weather event is to have a reliable forecasting and alerts system that we can receive information about the upcoming weather. Trends in the weather and rain measurement is also very important.

AcuRite has several tools that are perfect for farmers and rancher. I recently started using the Weather Environment System with Wind & Rain (model 01057) which is a weather system for checking the weather, forecasts and trends. It came with a 5-in-1 Weather Sensor that has five features built into one sensor: Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and

This sensor can be linked to the AcuLink Internet Bridge that connects to the AcuLink app on my mobile device and login to my desktop computer. As ranchers, being able to check the weather on our phones is pivotal as we are constantly away from our desks and needing to know timely weather updates. I also appreciate all of the data that is available on my Dashboard when I return to my desk in the evening.


It allows us to prepare better as ranchers for the upcoming weather where we can make decisions about our production practices. Setup for the entire system was streamlined and simple. The only part that took anytime at all was finding a post to attach the outside system to (and I had to rely on my handy husband for that!). Setting up the inside equipment was quick and the directions were simple to follow.

Before using the AcuRite weather station, we depended on other weather apps on our phone or using websites/TV stations. The problem with this is that they only report on weather in the large cities around us. But the weather can change so much from where we are located by the time the weather gets to us in the rural areas. So having a weather station that is located on the ranch, telling us exactly what the weather is doing now or will do right here is very useful and a great tool in our tool box.SAM_0148

The opinions in the post are my own. I was given an AcuRite weather system to trial in a case study.

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