A View of FarmVille vs. Real Farms

I am reposting this FarmVille vs. Real Farms infographic from Janice at Ag- A colorful adventure for a city girl turned farm girl too!. Even though I know that these online farm games are showing farming as an “easy job” and unrealistic, at least they are introducing agriculture to the urban consumer to know where their food comes from.

farmville-vs-real-farms In farming circles people talk about Farmville now and then, but in my farming social media circles, it seems to come up more often than not because it you spend day and night on the farm or working with agriculture, someone either from a local high school, a church or a family member will eventually ask the question — do you play Farmville? Social media site Mashable explains why that question comes up so often:

With all those millions of Facebook and iPhone users tending to virtual crops and sharing them with friends, have you ever wondered how their toils stack up against actual real-life farmers?

How does our output of digital (and decidedly less tasty) tomatoes compare with our worldwide production of real tomatoes? And perhaps most importantly, who are these casual croppers, and are they anything like their plow-toting counterparts?

We broke it down by the numbers and put some of these FarmVille trends in perspective for you.

Go on. Harvest it.

via FarmVille vs. Real Farms [INFOGRAPHIC].

As Janice noted, the video below also puts into perspective the value of the real farmer who puts real food on our tables. If you want to read blogs from real farmers who talk about real famer, check out a list here that Janice created.

Thanks Janice for sharing your thoughts and posting this information!

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