A Ranchie at a Foodie conference

Food. Blogging. Women. Warm Weather. What do these all have in common? BlogHer Food Conference!

I had the opportunity to attend the 2016 BlogHer Food conference with support from the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, along with Leah Dorman  aka Ask Dr. Dorman (animalantibiotics.org), a veterinarian and mom from Ohio.20161007_163542

The common question among everyone at the conference was, “What’s your blog?”, so I had the chance to share, “I blog about the production side of food.”

Leah and I were a good team because I would talk about how we raise our cattle and explain that I blog to address questions from food-eaters from a person that raises food, then Leah could talk about it from the veterinarian side – especially explaining antibiotics from a technical perspective.20161008_110515

As a ranchie among foodies, I had a great platform and had many meaningful conversations with foodies and bloggers alike.  I made some key connections with food bloggers who have direct access to millions of readers who care about food. And I care about food, too, being that I raise it. I answered LOTS of questions about our cattle, how we use antibiotics & hormones and the difference in grass-fed, grass-finished and corn-fed. I loved those conversations because I got to share what I know best. So thank you to all of my new food-blogging friends and welcome to my blog!

The most applicable part of the conference for me were the breakout sessions with demonstrations and details focused on tools to make us better bloggers.

That, and getting to see Freddie Prinze, Jr., Lisa Lillien (Hungry Girl) and Carla Hall (The Chew) keynote the closing session. So great to see how real they are and passionate for what they do in the food industry. Plus, Freddie like my tweet! I had a slight freak-out moment.20161008_171749

Being a food conference, there was of course a lot of great food. The conference was in Austin, Texas, so we got to try out some great local eats and {even more important for this rancher-gal} we found a boot shop. Not only a boot shop, but a boot mecca – 4,000 boots! Well, now there are only 3,999 pairs of boots.20161007_184616

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