A rancher’s vacation

While others I know are vacationing in Cabo, Padre or back East, Ronny and I spent a “vacation” last week helping my family in Colorado artificially inseminating (AI) our cowherd. It was great to spend some time at home and with my parents – even if it was pretty hard work!

I think this is evident to a lot of those in agriculture who take their time-off to help others with work or even doing other agricultural work because it is imperative towards food production.

Here’s the story of how the vacation went.

We start out with the working facilities. Here is Dad’s new toy – a Daniels system to bring the cows into the breeding barn (on the left). This is a pretty awesome system that allows the cows to pretty much walk themselves through it with the least amount of stress possible.IMG_0071

Cows on pasture while the cowboys (below) “heat detect” – or watch for them to come into heat to be bred.IMG_0061IMG_0066

Mom is an important part of the team – she records all of the numbers so she can read them when putting them into the computer!IMG_0084 IMG_0089

Taking a quick break before the evening breeding session. Dad is already working hard per usual!IMG_0075

This is one of the last remaining “show cows” Harmony, owned by my sister, Emily, who just stood there and leaned into me as I scratched behind her ears. IMG_0077 IMG_0082 IMG_0083

The next day was pretty hard for the dogs – they worked really hard and deserved a little TLC = shade and water!
IMG_0097 IMG_0109

Technology is an important part of ranching – Dad is up-to-date with his smart phone.IMG_0094

Thanks to the cowboys, Joel, Jordan and Jerome, we could get a lot done!IMG_0111

When we’re done, the cowboys moved the heifers up the road to the “meadows” pasture. In a couple of weeks, they will put the bulls out in the pasture to get the few that Ronny missed. 🙂 IMG_0125 IMG_0114

And what do ranchers do when they are all done with the cattle work? Vacation! Like golfing?IMG_0128

Or croquet?IMG_0130 

Or just nap? The dogs certainly like that one!IMG_0136   IMG_0134

One thought on “A rancher’s vacation

  1. Kelsey

    I saw this blog post on Animal Ag Alliance's FB page. Look forward to reading more of your adventures.

    I find it enjoyable to go home and help Mom and Dad work cattle too. I know they need and appreciate the help.

    It always seems more fun to help with some one else's chores. Plus, you get Mom's cooking!

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