5 ways ranchers prepare for a snowstorm

We have a big snowstorm coming for the Plains today, but our cattle are ready for it.

This is how we prepare for a big snow storm.

1. Cattle are in protected areas. We rotate our cattle in a holistic, rotational pattern moving them paddock to paddock (paddock = fenced-off pastures), but in the winter, part of that rotation puts our cattle in paddocks that are more weather-protected by hills, bluffs, trees and windbreaks.

2. Access. What is important about the paddocks that the cattle are in is the road access. We need to get to our cattle to feed them during/after the storm, so a good road near the pasture is key.

3. Have plenty of feed ready. We don’t put out hay in the pasture before the snowstorm because it would just get snowed on. However, it is ready and near the cattle after the snow has fallen to feed the cattle.

These bulls and calves are in a pen near the barn, so they have access to the hay feeder and the grain feeder to stay warm and full.

4. Enough water. Even when it is not snowing, but is cold during the winter, we watch the water tanks carefully to make sure they don’t get iced up.

5. Bedding. Some cattle that are in pens during a snowstorm get bedding. Especially this lady because she is going to calve any day. It will probably happen right during the snow (hopefully not!).

Even though the snow gives ranchers more chores, we sure do hope for more moisture.

And we don’t forget our good ol’ cowdog to help check the cattle!

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