A Ranchie at a Foodie conference


Food. Blogging. Women. Warm Weather. What do these all have in common? BlogHer Food Conference! I had the opportunity to attend the 2016 BlogHer Food conference with support from the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, along with Leah Dorman  aka Ask Dr. Dorman (animalantibiotics.org), a veterinarian and mom from Ohio. The common question among everyone […]

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Is grass-finished beef healthier for me?


I get this question a lot. “Are your cattle fed grass or grain?” The question that usually accompanies this is, “Isn’t grass-fed beef healthier?” One common misperception with meat-buying is that organic, natural or grass-fed beef are healthier for me. No matter what type of beef food-eaters choose, they can be confident all types of […]

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How we identify our cattle

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  Identifying our cattle is how we know who they are. Sure, we get to know their personality when we are out with them everyday on the ranch. 1103Y is the bossy cow always to the feed bunk first. I would know that if she had a ear tag or not! But since we work […]

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Raising healthy beef is a rancher’s goal; Here’s how we do it


As a rancher and a mom, it’s just as important to have a health plan for our cattle as it is our kids. Animal welfare is a way of life for farmers and ranchers just like my family and me. On our ranch, we use a herd health program, much like a well-child check with […]

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What ‘Local’ Should Mean To You

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Locally grown. Locally served. You probably see these two terms on your menu when you’re at a restaurant or buying beef in the meat case, right? While local has a different meaning to different people, you can be confident that most of the beef you eat right here in the U.S. is “local” because it […]

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Beef agvocacy with a purpose


Beef agvocacy (agriculture + advocacy) does not take any special skills, science or art. It takes your effort to share about what you are doing as a beef producer and explaining production practices that make it easy for food-eaters to understand. As agriculture, we’ve come to a point in time where it is not enough […]

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What goes into ground beef?

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As a rancher, mom and main chef in my household, we have two whole shelves in our freezer dedicated to ground beef. It is such a versatile, easy protein to add to any meal – and healthy! We get a 90/10 blend (90% lean beef/10% fat) from our local butcher, and I hardly ever have […]

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Spring has sprung: calving time on the ranch

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Most of our snow has melted and things are looking more and more like spring around the ranch. Even though we started with about 30 purchased bred heifers having their baby calves in February/March, we are now officially into “calving season” on the ranch. Since we Artificially Inseminate (AI) all of our heifers and cows, […]

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Becoming our own cheerleaders – National Ag Day


Today is National Ag Day during National Ag Week! So I thought I’d celebrate with a few cattle pictures and updates from the ranch. This was our first calf born on Valentine’s Day – so you can guess what his nickname is. We typically do not start calving until first part of April, but we […]

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